We would like to keep all of our players happy while they stay, and the only way for us to be able to do that is to have rules. We would like for you to read through these rules carefully and to make sure that you are following them in-game. If you do not like the rules then don't play on our server. These rules are also available in-game by typing /rules.
WARNING: If you break any of these rules, there will be a consequence. There may be some cases where a warning will be issued before any punishments but this will depend on the severity of the offence.
English only in chat, no one wants to see stuff they cannot read.
No spamming in chat, who likes there chat being filled with rubbish?? No one does.
Don't be racist, this is a big NO. So please don't do it.
Advertising is not allowed, you are playing PixieRust to have fun! Not to advertise.
No complaing about getting raided/killed, it's part of Rust.
Report hackers to admin, not in that chat otherwise they will toggle off.
No blocking/building around monuments to prevent access, other players want to bash crates too.
No blocking/building around Stone/HQM/Sulfure Quarrys to prevent access.
Don't build any higher then 15 floors, unless its a raid tower, no building to the sun.
Prevent having any more then 5 layers of high externals surrounding a base, its a building not a cake.
Respect all staff when talking, otherwise why would we help you.
Don't spam any more then 5 airdrops at a time, we don't want more lag.
Never hack on the server, or you will prob be EAC banned.
Prevent using exploits, lets all play fair here.
No racist name, please respect other players cultures
No Racist clan tags, it's not cool.
Don't base with any more then 6 players, you don't need anymore. (3 on 2x Solo/Duo/Trio)
The MAX amount of group members is 6, this includes sleepers. (3 on 2x Solo/Duo/Trio)
Only roam, raid, defend or ally with your chosen group members.
If more then one clan work together ALL Teaming clans may receive a ban.
Everyone is an enemy apart from your 6 chosen group members. (3 on 2x Solo/Duo/Trio)